Top Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Have you ever wondered how famous people are always beautiful despite age or problems? we say that we’re a little jealous of them, but we know they have an army of specialists in private beauty. The basics of efficient care are nevertheless easy and accessible to all.

Do not discount sunscreen advantages

Without regular sunscreen use, beautiful and healthy skin can not be accomplished. Mamie McDonald, an expert on cosmetics who worked with Madonna, suggests that if you ignore this rule, any other effort is in vain. Dr. Lancer, another world-famous cosmetologist, recommends the daily re-use of SPF cream at least 30.

If inflammation occurs, do not overdry your skin

Most anti-spot creams have benzoyl peroxide, which dries the skin, exacerbates inflammation and enhances sebum production. Alcohol does the same, so you won’t get rid of certain spots. Dr. Harold Lancer recommends turning your attention to exfoliating with salicylic or lactic acid and cleansing masks with clay.

Don’t miss your neck.

The neck is part of the body of a female that provides up almost immediately the owner’s old age, therefore it is very essential to look after it. The skin is thin and so delicate as your face is.

Rub your skin with an ice cube.

Dr. Ava Shamban from recommends you to rub a few seconds of your face with an ice cube, to avoid a dull teint. This easy trick stimulates circulation and your skin begins to glow.

Facial massage helps to rid your eyes of circles.

Ole Henriksen recommends a massage with lymphatic drainage against eye circles. The procedure stimulates the flow of the lymph, smoothes the skin, and ‘bags’ vanish. Besides, you can do it even at home, you can learn it easily.

Before you get to bed, always remove your bra.

As much as you might be tempted to leave your bra on before sleep, hearing all the stuff about your breasts becoming perkier thanks to this, doctor warn against it. A bra, particularly a tight bra, restricts the flow of your blood and leads to health issues. It also irritates the skin, creates restlessness and drying of the skin under the straps and wire.

Look after your hands.

You need to worry about your hands as well as your neck, since the skin is slim and sensitive. Try to work in the gloves and keep your skin moist with cream frequently. You can also use the anti-age creams on your hands as well as your face.

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