10 Habits We Mistakenly Considered Harmless

Everyone understands it is unhealthy to go to bed too late and eat too much. But even harmless behavior can sometimes put our health at risk. Did you understand that if you stifle your sneeze you might end up at the clinic? Or can that chewing gum make you feel less concentrated?

1. Chewing bubble gum often

Chewing bubble gum too often has several implications. The method of chewing stimulates gastric juice production.

  • So, before eating, don’t chew gum. This can result in gastritis and even ulceration.
  • Chewing gum is damaging to the teeth too. The increased saliva can be consumed directly through the teeth and dental fillings.
  • Chewing gum has an effect on memory as well. It increases memorization and helps focus on assignments requiring extensive monitoring. But it affects your short-term memory and makes you less concentrated.

2.Stifling a sneeze

Bacteria, viruses and dust particles are the primary cause of sneezing. You don’t allow the body to remove these stuff when you stifle your sneeze. That isn’t everything, however. Imagine what if you try shooting and closing the barrel. The same goes for the nose: the full force of the sneeze comes back to your ears and can harm your hearing, rise the pressure of your blood, and even your esophagus.

3. Reading while lying in bed

Follow these rules when reading in bed:

  • Don’t hold your book too close.
  • Do not bend your back and do not tense your neck.
  • Try to not read while your lying on your side – you will continue to change your distance from the book and your eyes will have to do more effort.
  • If you read while your lying on your belly, you may damaging your spinal cord this way too.
  • As you can see, all these guidelines can be quite difficult to follow.

But remember, most such positions can cause profound horizontal wrinkles to develop in the neck.

4. Using toothpicks

Dentists don’t like toothpicks, toothpicks. They are not harmful to the enamel, but the gums are at risk. And cleaning your mouth with a toothpick is nearly unworkable. Use dental floss to keep your mouth clean (you should learn how to do it properly, however).

5. Sleeping on the pillow face down

Sleeping on your pillow in this way is comfortable, but dangerous. In this situation, breathing is difficult, the neck is in an abnormal situation, the flow of the blood becomes worse and the neck is in risk. Furthermore, doctors warn that the wrinkles that you may have after you sleep will become constant soon — they will never vanish!

5. Shelling seeds with your teeth

Sunflower seeds are delicious and helpful. But with hands and never with teeth, they should be shelled. Dentists always recognize seed eaters through their specific harmed dental. Those with gallbladder issues should not consume it, and their caloric value is over 500 kcal per 100 grams.

7. Chewing on something solid

People who love to chew on pencils, paper clips and other strong items often have enormous issues with enamel. So, too, don’t attempt to try opening bottles, chewing nuts, ice cubes and lollips . Moreover, if you do, you may become infected.

8. Touching your face and rubbing your eyes

You can find a whole catalog of various infections like acne, herpes and many others if you touch the face with your fingers frequently. You will have conjunctivitis that is truly an uncomfortable, inflammatory illness with tears, burns, and light sensitivity if you rub your eyes often too.

9. Postponing going to the bathroom

Last year, after spending 8 hours in a match without pauses, a young gamer from Great Britain was hospitalized. His gut and bladder were bloated so much that doctors thought he could have a cancer tumor. You must not hold it because if you do, you may damage your muscles which may result in an infection and constipation in the urinary system. All doctors agree with this.

10. Washing your hair with hot water

It is high time you stop taking a shower with a very hot water. First, it can cause bad headache and dizziness, and secondly, hot water stimulates the function of the sebaceous glands on your scalp, which make your hair become really dirty.