9+ Hacks US Navy SEALs Use That Can Help You Survive Against All Odds

1. If you’re in water with your hands and legs tied up, bounce on the bottom to help you get back to the surface.

Once you get to the surface bend your knees and then arch your back to be able to breathe. Repeat.

2. Always search downhill to locate clean water.

If you run out of water always try and search downhill, water runs in that direction. This will help you find clean water so you don’t get dehydrated.

3. When you’re panicking, visualize success and work toward small goals.

This will prevent you from overthinking and will increase your chances of surviving as you organize yourself.

4. Arch your back when covered in mud or muddy water.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have to lay down and arch your back. This will help you get air faster as it will enter in your lungs more easily.

5. If you’re lost, follow small creeks or streams since they tend to lead to developed areas.

Small creeks will eventually merge with larger rivers. These rivers should lead to developed areas where you can find help.

6. Never build a fire inside a cave. Build it outside instead.

The heat from fires causes rocks to expand, so you should never build one inside a cave. Expanding rocks will eventually break. If you are inside a cave and need warmth, try to build a fire outside.

7. Use your teeth and pull the restrainer toward you to free yourself when your hands are tied up.

Then try to rub your wrists together at the same time. Don’t just pull it or do it too hard because you could accidentally tighten it up.

8. In case of a bomb, lay flat on your stomach, cover your head with your fingers, cross your legs, and keep your mouth open.

Laying on your stomach with your head covered and legs crossed will keep you safer. You should open your mouth to prevent your lungs and eardrums from being blow up by the shock.

9. Always carry matchsticks in a metal or plastic case and cover the top with wax.

Mathsticks are a good way to build fire in any situation. You should always carry them inside a metal or plastic case so they are waterproof. Covering their heads in wax will also waterproof them. You can do this by dipping the head into hot wax and waiting for it to dry.

10. In case of frostbite, warm the area with warm water, then apply a bandage and cotton between all the affected fingers.

If you find yourself with frostbite, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Never use hot water because that will make things worse. Warm the area with warm water and apply a bandage on all fingers. After that, you should put cotton between them to prevent them from touching. Also, never rub the affected area.

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation that could have been solved by one of these hacks?