5 Signs of Vaginal Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

For most healthy women, vaginal cancer isn’t so high up on the list of conditions to detect: it’s rare, and none of its symptoms are particularly unique to this sneaky killer. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, while all women are susceptible to contracting vaginal cancer, only 6 to 7 percent of diagnosed gynecological cancers in the U.S. account for both vaginal and vulvar cancers combined. Regardless of your age or general health, beware of the five common symptoms of vaginal cancer, and know when to get checked. After all, the earlier the condition is caught, the higher the likelihood for successful treatment.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding 

According to the American Cancer Society, vaginal cancer that hasn’t spread to nearby tissue is unlikely to cause symptoms. However, if the cancer has spread and developed into invasive vaginal cancertelltale symptoms begin manifesting. One of the most profound indicators of vaginal cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding, particularly after or during sex. If you’ve already gone through menopause and experience bleeding,  get checked.

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Is the color or consistency of your vaginal discharge out of the norm? Watery discharge, in particular, is an indicator of vaginal cancer. While abnormal discharge could simply be a sign of an infection, it could be a sneaky symptom of vaginal cancer and should warrant a checkup.

Swelling in the legs

Do your legs feel enlarged or bloated for no apparent reason? If you experience this symptom or any of the others listed, it is recommended that you get checked.

As with many cancers, loss of appetite or unexplained weight loss can be a cause for concern. This symptom on its own does not mean cervical cancer, if you’re experience a wide array of these warning signs, in addition to a loss of appetite or weight loss, talk to your doctor.

Maintaining Health of Female Sex Organs

Maintaining the health of the female sex organs is very important to do. This need to be done other than to give harmony a sexual relationship with a partner is also to maintain the health of the woman. Many women often pay less attention to their sex organs so that some of the problems or diseases appear as whitish even cancer. Therefore, you should find the right way to keep the female sex organs could be kept clean, fresh, and healthy way that is easy and simple.

One way to cure female sex organ health is to avoid sexual contact when the menstrual period. Sexual intercourse during menstruation can trigger a variety of bacterial infections that are easier to spread and multiply. In addition, you should also perform regular screening tests. Cervical screening tests may facilitate you to check how the health condition of cervical organs and detect a possibility that the risk of cervical cancer early. Another way to maintain the health of the female sex organs is to select and use underwear made of cotton. How to wash the underwear should also use a special detergent to reduce the risk of irritation or infection due to the use of soaps or detergents are not appropriate.

Of course, to maintain the health and cleanliness of the female sex organ, you should also wash area V with regular and proper manner. When you want to use soap to clean the area V, you should also use a special soap that good quality and safe to use. With some of the ways, you can maintain the health of female sex organs in order to stay fresh, healthy, and clean.